HW & IT - Solution

EkoToi 1200

Project Information

Electric incineration toilet with the focus on electricity consumption.
  • Client: Europalt s.r.o
  • Category: Eco, People
  • Date: 1.6.2018
  • Website: Ekotoi.sk

Groundbreaking technology

The induction incineration system is designed for heating and incinerating of materials. The temperature achieved in the incineration area is limited by the chemical composition of the magnetic material. The system has been developed for the incineration toilet - the temperature reached is 450 °C.

Parts of the device

The system consists of control, power electronics and an incineration area. The operation is simple - executed by one button. Monitoring software can be supplied to customer - it provides control over the system via PC, and also allows diagnostics of the device.

Benefits of the device

The main advantage of our toilet is that it does not need water. Electricity consumption is the lowest across the markets. It protects nature from chemicals and unnecessary water consumption.

Technical specifications
Power consumption 1300 W
Power output 1300 W
Power supply 230V~, 10A
Emergency power supply for ventilation Built-in battery 12V =, 3,4 Ah
Used materials Composit, stainless steel, aluminum
Basic dimensions 590 x 400 x 580
Combustion temperature 500 °C – 550 °C