What we do

  • Web
  • Desktop
  • Mobile
  • IoT

HTML Web applications

Development of responsive web applications running on the Win/OsX/Linux platforms.
We use React,TypeScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Css3 and Html technology.

Windows applications

Desktop applications for Windows - starting with Form up to UWP
We use .Net framework technology.

Mobile applications

Development of native mobile apps for IOs and Android platforms.
We use Flutter and Xamarin technology.

IoT applications for data measurement and collection

Development and production of IoT devices using measuring sensors, mobile networks GSM and Lora.
Production and design of printed circuit boards.

AVR/ARM applications

Development of applications for processors from Microchip and ST. Drivers for LCD, OLed and Amoled display applications.
We use C and C++.(FreeRtos) technology..