Induction furnace system

Electronic EkoToi1200

The aim of the induction furnace system is heating and burning of the materials. The maximal temperature in burning chamber is 450°C. The system was developed for incinerating toilets. The system can be use in laboratories, or can be use for melting of the metal with low melting temperature. The induction system consist from control and power unit and from burning chamber. The control is simple, realized only with one button. The system can be equipped with monitoring software, which enables to you to control the system by PC and diagnostic of the system. The supply voltage is 230V AC and maximum power consumption is 2000W. In the case of interest we can modify the device by your requirements.

The system is used on EkoToi 1200.

Dispatching - Intelligent monitoring of the mass of gas in the storages


The system consists of an measuring unit, a display and a communication module. The sensors with output 4 - 20 mA are connected to the measuring unit. It is also possible to connect sensors with output 0 - 20 mA or 0 - 10V output based on customer requirements. The maximum number of connectable sensors is 4 sensors. The rating unit includes a display with a local display of measured values and a display of limit values. As a communication module, a GSM module based on the Quectel M10 circuitry can be used. This module enables fast connection to the GSM network, which is ideal for remote management and monitoring of devices. The second option is to use an Ethernet communication module. This solution is suitable for connecting to the corporate network and subsequent monitoring from central dispatching. To analyze measured values and set up modules, a web application is developed. The application enables communication with both Ethernet and GSM equipment. The telemetric system was used for measuring of the quantity CO2 in tank. The system for measuring of the quantity of the CO2 is developed to measure the CO2 in the tank in kilograms. The requirements of measuring of the quantity of the CO2 in kilograms revealed from that, the CO2 is supplied in liquid state and in this state is also stored. The system is able to measure quantity of the gas in the tank in liquid state. The device is designed with respect to the external environment. The temperature range is from - 30 ° C to + 50 ° C. The supply voltage is 24 V DC.



The 232Seen module is for monitoring and recording of serial communication. Data captured on the bus is sent via the 232Seen module to the PC where the 232Seen application is displayed. 232Seen supports:

  • capturing real-time communications
  • triggers running based on received data
  • prioritization of triggers
  • importing data viewing plug-ins
  • data export to Excel

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